Business Development Department

The mission of the Business Development Department in the Department of Strategy and the Future is focused on providing the necessary support to the college management in the decision-making process, in addition to its supporting role in the strategic planning process and ensuring the application of quality standards and institutional excellence.
The administration also supervises the preparation, implementation and development of the ISC strategic plan while ensuring compatibility with the trends of societies and the requirements of higher education. Evaluation outputs in continuous improvement processes and correcting plans and resources.

Developing scientific research and innovation capabilities in areas of national and international importance.
Expanding the scope of international accreditation for the college and its academic programmes and enhancing its reputation internationally.
Strengthening the role of the university in the production and transfer of knowledge and skills to serve the community.
Preparing students to be distinguished in their fields of specialization, leaders and producers in their societies.
Ensuring the provision of all administrative services in accordance with standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.
Establishing a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment.