Board of Trustees

Assistant. Prof. Ibrahim Yahya Al-Busaidi

Assistant. Prof. Ibrahim Yahya Al-Busaidi Name: Ibrahim bin Yahya bin Zahran Al-Busaidi Date of birth: 1972. Position: Assistant Professor (Department of History - College of Arts and Social Sciences - Sultan Qaboos University) Qualifications: 1- Bachelor of Education in History - Sultan Qaboos University, 1995, grade: Very good. 2- MA - University of Lisbon, Portugal, [...]

Prof. Dr. Jamil Iskandar

Prof. Dr. Jamil Iskandar The biography of Dr. Jamil Iskandar, known in the Order as Father Hanna Iskandar Professor of History and Ancient Languages ​​at the Lebanese University, and a member of the Research Council of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Educational attainment Metaphor in theology Doctor of History - Master's thesis entitled: Monastery [...]

Prof. Dr. Lahcen Ouri

Prof. Dr. Lahcen Ouri Last name: Ouri Personal name: Lahcen Date and place of birth: March 7, 1969 Ahromomo. Nationality: Moroccan. Class: Professor of Higher Education, grade A. The Institution: Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Saiss - Fez - Morocco Rental number: 1433141 Phone: 0662892369 Email: Website: Academic and scientific certificates: [...]

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry Name: Ibrahim Al Shukry Technological graduate in England in 1968 MA in popular literature in Tunisia in 1975 PhD in anthropology in literature in 1982 at the Asian-African Institute For studies on folklore: The book (Kuwaiti Folk Dances, an art study in 1978, which won an award at the China Folklore [...]

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Muhammad Abdul Hamid Hussain

Name: Abdul Hamid Muhammad Abdul Hamid Hussain                           Date of birth: 2/3/1968 AD Qualifications:    A- Bachelor of Laws 1993 Master of Laws 1996  C - PhD in Law 2/8/2010  Major:     International Criminal Law Message title: International Criminal Court        A study of the development of the international criminal judiciary and the statute of the court in light of [...]

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Salem Gheyan Al-Tarawneh.

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Salem Gheyan Al-Tarawneh. Name: Muhammed Salem Gheyan Al-Tarawneh. Current work: Vice President of Mu'tah University for Administrative and Financial Affairs Member of the Board of Trustees of Soliman International University Rank: Professor Major: Professor of modern and contemporary history First: Address: Jordan - Karak - Mutah University - Presidency Unit. Phone number [...]

Ambassador Prof. Dr. Muwaffaq Al-Ajlouni

Ambassador Prof. Dr. Muwaffaq Al-Ajlouni

Prof. Dr. Musab Suleiman Al-Jamal

Prof. Dr. Musab Suleiman Al-Jamal Phone and WhatsApp: 00905539743497 Personal email: PhD in constitutional law and political systems PhD in Public Law PhD in Arbitration and Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution Doctor of Criminal Sciences Master of Administrative Sciences Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Sciences Bachelor of Laws Professor of [...]

Prof. Dr Ibrahim Saeed Al-Baidhani

Distinguished activities in the field of civil societyMedia participation in satellite TVDistinguished activities in the field of civil society A seminar on the implementation of Article 58 of the Iraqi State Administration Law, September 2005 A panel discussion entitled Culture of Tolerance, November 2005 Attending an international conference in Istanbul in September 2007 Participation in [...]