Financial Affairs

The Financial Affairs Department undertakes the tasks and responsibilities of preparing public accounts, preparing the final and estimated budgets, supervising and collecting university revenues, executing purchase orders, and storing the university’s assets and current assets, through the following units:


The Accounts and Budget Unit undertakes the following tasks and responsibilities:
Executing all accounting leaders according to the established guide for all university accounts and registering them in the approved books and records, and making trial balances and reconciliations on time.
Supervising the annual inventory work, evaluating the university’s assets, making comparisons between book balances and actual balances, showing differences, and taking the necessary legal settlements and procedures in their regard.
Locking the final accounts of the university, preparing the balance sheet in accordance with recognized accounting principles, participating in preparing responses, clarifications and analyzes regarding the budget items and accounts, and following up on the completion of the procedures for examination and approval of them by the competent authorities.
Preparing payroll for all employees and workers at the university based on attendance and departure records and working to pay them during the specified dates and places after any disciplinary or tax deductions or for the benefit of the Social Security Fund and other public bodies, in accordance with the legislation and instructions issued, and in the dates that ensure that the university is not exposed to any Delay fines or legal liability of any kind.
Preparing the payment vouchers and taking the necessary accounting procedures to complete the disbursement procedures for the university’s needs and fulfill its other financial obligations to the beneficiaries on the specified dates and according to the approved budget lines, after making sure that they are approved and that they fulfill the required documents, in a way that ensures that the university does not incur any additional fines or expenses.
Preparing the annual estimated budget project according to the policy set for the university for all aspects of its activities, including the rates of implementation, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and services, following up on its items after approval, preparing reports and statistics on the rate of implementation of its items, reporting any deviation in the volume of expenditures and expenditures, and proposing appropriate solutions.
Keeping the established accounting and statistical book collection, the daily notebook, the budget inventory and the fixed assets register, and confirming and recording in it all financial transactions in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and recognized accounting systems, and extracting from them data and indicators that help in rationalizing decisions.
Carrying out other tasks assigned to him, or related to the general accounts and the budget.

The Procurement Unit undertakes the following duties and responsibilities:
Implementing the university’s policy in the field of procurement and obtaining services, by carrying out all publishing and advertising procedures, bringing invoices and offers for the materials required to be purchased from the local and foreign markets, and presenting them to the committees formed for the procurement and practice of offers.
Completing supply procedures after approval, and taking all workers related to them, to ensure the provision of all materials and services according to specifications, on dates and in required quantities, and within the limits of approved budgets.
Taking and executing all customs declaration works for the supplied materials, filling out customs declarations, completing all their documents, and paying customs duties, to complete the procedures for withdrawing materials from the customs hangars.
Receiving local and foreign purchases related to tasks, spare parts, furniture, stationery, and other tasks, in accordance with approved purchase and work orders, in coordination with the Inspection and Receiving Committee, storing those purchases and classifying them according to their nature, and disbursing them according to the approved exchange orders and within the framework of the applicable systems.
Work to provide all departments, offices, divisions and branches with the materials and needs they require with the quantities, specifications and dates indicated in the approved exchange orders issued in particular.
Keep records, notebooks and cards necessary to determine the movement of items in warehouses based on supply documents, and record all data about added and disbursed quantities, and cooperate with inventory committees in carrying out their duties.
Take all safety precautions to ensure the preservation of the university’s stock, and to immediately report any default, negligence, shortage, loss or damage that occurs to the stored items.
Carrying out other work related to storage and other tasks assigned to it.

The Revenue and Treasury Unit undertakes the following tasks and responsibilities:
Collecting all university revenues resulting from the exercise of its activity, including the return of academic subscriptions, book sales, or invalid assets that are decided to be disposed of by sale in accordance with the approved disposition method
Keep insurance documents, letters of guarantee, and other documents of financial value and work to complete all their documents, record and renew them, and collect their value in accordance with the conditions and regulations in force, in a manner that guarantees the university’s interest and does not expose its rights to loss or any losses or fines.
Keeping records and books for recording the university’s revenues and its debts with others, keeping and classifying all documents supporting those revenues, making approvals regarding them and working on their collection in coordination with the relevant departments and offices.
Carrying out arrest and payment operations of any kind and issuing and recording the checks, after completing their documents and following up their signature by the legally authorized authority and handing them over to the beneficiaries in accordance with the established rules.
Preparing daily treasury movement entries, making settlement notes, reviewing payments through bonds and vouchers, recording and proving cash deposits or sukuk in banks.
Follow-up of university balances in banks, including receipt of check books, follow-up approval of authorized signatures, extract account statements and make the necessary adjustments.
Follow-up of the covenant and advances granted to university employees and work to settle, restore or close them in accordance with the instructions and regulations issued in particular.
Supervising the work of treasurers and sales secretaries, keeping records that ensure review of their work, and participating in conducting periodic and sudden inventory work for them.
Performing other tasks that fall within the revenue and treasury tasks or assigned to them.

Mr. Adnan Karaali