Occupational Health and Safety Unit

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The years have passed since the establishment of International Suleiman University, and the existing efforts and programs at the local, regional and international levels have multiplied in the fields of work that serve the community and work on its development. Within the framework of the efforts made by the International Suleiman University administration to support the strategic plan aimed at upgrading and developing the quality of educational outputs in an academic atmosphere full of safety and security, the University Agency for Projects seeks to develop a plan that ensures that all university employees and employees enjoy a safe and risk-free work environment, to ensure health And the safety of workers, students, visitors, contractors and contractors. As occupational health and safety is no longer an intellectual luxury, but rather it should be a priority for all institutions. And based on the approach of protecting the human psyche of the university’s members and visitors, as well as protecting the university’s campus, facilities and properties of the university, which cost millions of dollars, the idea of ​​establishing a “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” in International Suleiman University emerged.
Occupational safety and health in educational facilities is a system that deals with the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as the protection and promotion of health. Occupational health involves maintaining the highest degree of physical and mental safety and health for workers in all professions, in addition to actively contributing to raising their productivity in quantity and quality, as well as reducing losses resulting from accidents, their economic and social effects, as well as sick absence days, compensation and other effects of accidents and occupational diseases. The Occupational Safety and Health Management System is the general framework through which all responsibilities related to occupational safety and health are managed for all employees and dealers with any institution. As this system helps organizations to increase the effectiveness of their performance by working in an integrated manner that ultimately achieves high quality.

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Safe and healthy professional environment free from injuries and accidents.


1- Establishing an effective system for managing occupational safety and health operations at the university, and updating it continuously.
2- Raise the level of readiness of the university and its branches to implement and activate occupational safety and health plans.
3- Maintaining the safety of the university’s affiliates and attendees and its branches.
4- Maintaining buildings, facilities, equipment and properties in the university.
5- Taking all means to prevent or reduce material losses that may accompany dangers and accidents at the university.
6- Awareness and training of university employees, students and workers on the basis and standards of occupational safety and health.


Protect lives and property at the university, by using the scientific foundations, clear methodological procedures and instructions, and distinguished human cadres, to control, prevent or reduce risks.