President’s word


Our students, we salute you and welcome you to International Suleiman University

Dear brothers and sons, when we founded International
Suleiman University and the beginning was in 2007, we aimed to establish a scientific edifice concerned w

ith legal, economic, political, media, educational, Arab and Islamic studies, with the aim of creating a scientifically distinguished generation capable of managing and building a conscious society in a spirit that believes in the inherent values ​​and principles.
Indeed, the founding and launch were commensurate with the foundation upon which the idea was based, which turned into a tangible reality.
We have invited the distinguished and responsible cadres in the world to take up the flag and move forward
Complete the march and that is what it was.
Our goal was for the Arabic language to be an approved language in the study, research, and investigation at various stages, whether undergraduate or postgraduate. Certainly, adopting Arabic as a basic language recognized by all Arab universities is not an easy matter, but we were able to achieve this difficult equation and the result was that the language Arabic is the approved language for study and scientific research, and therefore all curricula are taught in Arabic at.

We, through diligent and continuous work, kept pace with the latest scientific developments by following the credit hour system and working according to international quality standards in the field of university education and higher education, and we have achieved good results in this field as all open colleges and in all stages the credit hour system is followed at International Suleiman University
We have been contacted by prestigious international universities and scientific organizations that have their status, cooperation has been made with these universities and these bodies in line with our educational policy, and we have benefited from the successful experiences of others.
We, through work at International Suleiman University over the past years, have kept pace with the reality of Arab students, especially the reality of students from countries of wars and crises, where diaspora, asylum and dispersal are in multiple countries. Students cannot move to their lived reality to study in Turkey or in any other country, so we proceeded to develop Distance education programs and the integration of these programs to create an educational system that allows the university to reach the student and the student to the university despite the spatial distance, all through educational platforms, open education and virtual education in addition to traditional education in the specializations that can only be through this type of education and our experience was according to My belief is a pioneer in this field. In recent years, we have added scientific and applied specializations in new branches and fields. They have been added to the study plans approved at the university, and all of this was of excellent quality according to the credit hour system and by relying on specialized professors with high scientific competence.
Dear sons, we at International Suleiman University have given way, in addition to scientific studies with their degrees, we have added professional studies and training courses in order to link the scientific reality with the practical one and graduate as scientific and professional encounters that build their societies and contribute to building humanity, especially since the world is no longer, as was previously said, a small village. A small room in a big house.
We wish all students at International Suleiman University luck, success, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you