Staff Affairs

Staff management is a sector of the university’s administrative sectors that works to implement the regular procedures for all employment affairs and employees of the faculty members in their judgment, or administrators and technicians, and the item of wages and employees. And to attract competencies and scientific and practical experiences.



Creating and implementing all administrative university transactions electronically to achieve a goal.


To provide our services to university employees in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professional performance from the appointment stage.


1- Developing its electronic services to make it easier for university employees to complete their transactions easily and easily.
2- Increasing productivity and raising performance efficiency by developing the capabilities and skills of the workforce and the effectiveness of their use.

3- Ensuring justice, equality in treatment and equal opportunities, by applying the principle of merit, looking into grievances and taking decisions in them.
4- Work to raise the degree of discipline at work at the university through the application of civil service regulations.

5- Working to meet the university sectors ’need for manpower.
6- Working on structuring the regular jobs of the university in line with the university’s tasks and responsibilities.
7- Work to break the bottleneck in administrative and technical promotions.