International Suleiman University

It’s an independent university of legal, political, economic, social, humanitarian, scientific and applied sciences in various disciplines, accredited from the United Kingdom.

The Legal Personality of the University

The legal personality of International Suleiman University was based on the reality of the need for students wishing to study in the Arabic language to have an international university that adopts the Arabic language as its primary language and achieves academic accreditation and international quality reliability, in line with the requirements of civilization and educational, scientific and technical development, and it has an independent legal personality and has an independent legal status .

University Mission and Identity

Supplying society with academic cadres and elites to advance human societies in terms of higher education and scientific research to reach the ranks of developed countries in a way that serves the aspirations and interests of human peoples in building a modern state based on law, justice and equality.


International Suleiman University works on the interest of students, raising their educational, scientific and cultural level, and qualifying them to be among the distinguished elites internally, regionally and internationally.
Science and education are the basis of civilized development, and it is the one that achieves development for human societies. The university also maintains its independence away from political trends and prejudices, maintains the scientific level independently, and reaches the highest levels of internationally accredited quality.


1- Paying attention to continuing university education, direct education, e-learning, distance learning technology, and open education.
2- Reaching out to students wishing to complete their university and postgraduate studies in Arabic, in addition to students wishing to study professional academic.
3- Developing the student’s personality to make him capable of innovation, development, self-learning, teamwork, and competition locally, regionally and internationally.
4- Modernization and development of academic curricula in accordance with international quality standards in order to achieve sustainable development and development in the system of university education, higher education and scientific research.
5- Permanent and continuous training for students and researchers in all specializations and programs initiated by the university.
6- Achieving the existence of scientific cadres qualified for the stage of continuous construction in human societies to serve the aspirations and interests of these peoples.
7- Reaching the state of coordination and linking with international universities and all scientific and educational institutions and adopting the Arabic language as a basic approved language for science, knowledge and educational technology in all theoretical and applied fields

Programme of Action

1 – Adopting new curricula in international universities, approved curricula, international quality standards for new colleges.
2- Working according to the open and virtual learning curriculum for educational colleges and laboratories, and full commitment to attend within the international quality standards
3- Opening applied scientific colleges within the available capabilities to meet the international quality conditions.

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