MA. Abdul Rahim Al-Asaad

  • Personal information:
The name Nationality Date of birth Age Place of birth
       Abdul Rahim Mohammed Al-Asaad P o 2/16/1975 39 Homs – Al Qusayr – Al Salhia
Title Home phone 1   Fax phone  
cellphone 00905353747286 E-mail
Occupation Any legal, administrative or advisory work The entity  
  • Objectives :
Target type Objectives
Humanitarian Putting my experiences in any legal, advisory or administrative field in which I can serve the Syrian citizen
  • Academic qualifications and certificates obtained:
M Qualification Its history Appreciation University / Institute College / Center Specialization
  collage of rights 2001 56,57 Damascus university collage of rights  
  • Training courses, seminars, lectures and workshops:
M the program Its history Center The contents of the program





International Commercial Arbitration Course



Commercial Arbitration Course



From 1/5/2007 to 15/5/2007


From 2/3/2010 to 2/18/2010





Arab Center for Commercial Arbitration


Syrian Commercial Arbitration Center






Foundations of commercial arbitration in international disputes



Syrian arbitration law and the importance of resorting to arbitration






  • Practical experiences :
the work Lawyer Association chickpeas Period From 2/8/2003 to 12/11/2011


I worked as a lawyer in the Homs Bar Association since 2004, in 2007 I followed a course in commercial arbitration and specialized in corporate contract systems where I was a lawyer assigned to more than 5 companies, which are companies (solidarity and limited liability) with various tasks and followed an arbitration course for Syrian law in 10/20 and left work in Advocacy in 2011.



  • Memberships and committees in which it participates:
M Committee or association Membership type Phone
1 The Local Council of the southern Homs countryside His representative  





The Foreign Relations Committee of the Homs Bar Association

– Committee for drafting the regulations of the Union of Relief Associations and Organizations


Representative of her



  • other skills :
Skill quality Skills
Office technology  I practiced administrative work through my work as a lawyer for more than 5 companies and I am good at working on computers well and I am good at working at

Word-excel ) programs  . I also work on the Internet

Languages The language To speak reading Writing
Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Center good good


The name Mobile number
Abdul Rahim Al-Asaad 00905353747286

God grants success ,,,