MA. Ba’ath Abdullah Saifif

Full name : Ba’ath Abdullah Saifif
Place and date of birth : 25/08/1965
Marital status: Married
Phone number: +31 6 85727271


Graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Philosophical and Social Studies, University of Damascus.
Educational Qualification Diploma – University of Damascus.
Master of Political Science, Department of Strategic Planning – Solomon International University,
PhD studies in political science, Department of Political Sociology, Solomon International University

Jobs and experiences:

Head of Administrative Affairs in the Workers Union of Deir Ezzor Governorate from 1995 to 2012
Head of the Office of the Union of Workers in Deir Ezzor Governorate from 1995 to 2012
Teacher at the Syndical Preparation Institute in Deir Ezzor
Teacher outside the owners with a subject of sociology in preparatory and secondary schools and educational institutes in Deir Ezzor from 1991 until the end of the 1996 school year.
He worked at the Free Syrian University in Turkey.
An administrator at Leisure Des Hills works with the disabled and elderly in social care (volunteer work).
Vice Chairman of the International Orient House Organization in the Netherlands.


He followed his role in supervising the psychological and sports rehabilitation of refugee athletes from different countries of the world in the Netherlands.
He obtained a work certificate from the Dutch Alquah organization.
Follow a course in the labor market and psychological rehabilitation for workers and employees.
He obtained a certificate of experience in the psychological rehabilitation of workers and employees in the European labor market.