Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Tamemi

personal information :

Name: Doctor. Abdullah Abdul-Moamen Mahyoub Al-Tamimi

Yemeni nationality

Place and date of birth: Taiz – 05/27/1966

Marital status: Married

Temporary address: Turkey

Phone: Turkey / 00905360635927

Academic degree: Assistant Professor


Qualifications :

PhD in Media 2003 Faculty of Arabic Language – Department of Media, Al-Azhar University, Arab Republic of Egypt – with an excellent general grade with first honors.
Master of Media in 1997, Faculty of Arabic Language, Department of Media, Al-Azhar University, Arab Republic of Egypt, with an excellent grade.
Bachelor’s degree in Media 1992, College of Arabic Language, Department of Media, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, with a grade of good.
Detailed specialty: radio and television

Scientific research

1- News treatment of Arab issues in both Egyptian and Yemeni television, a comparative analytical study in 2003.

Television Advertising and Viewers’ Behaviors – An Analytical and Field Study on a Sample of Yemeni Audiences, 1997.
Literature and published books

Recent Trends in Media Institutions Management 2011 AD, Dar Al Afaq Al Mashreqah for Publishing and Distribution – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
Election Winning Strategy – Media Vision – 2012, Ward Publishing and Distribution House – Amman, Jordan.
Yemeni satellite TV … and its role in news coverage of the current crisis – an exploratory study. The Arab Foundation for Strategic Studies 2020
Arab Media Strategy – Future Vision – under publication.
Research and studies published in refereed journals

Attitudes of students of the College of Information, Media and Human Sciences on Media Training in the College, Journal of Social Affairs, Sharjah, 2011 Social Society Issue No. 110, 2011 AD.
University Youth Uses of Social Media in Direct Marketing – A field study on a sample of Emirati university students, published in the book “Media Tools of Expression and Change”, Refereed Scientific Research – University of Petra – Amman, Jordan, 2012.
Research on local radio and its role in promoting national identity – a field study on a sample of Emirati university students, Contemporary Values ​​Journal, Fourth Issue, Algeria 2012 AD.
Research on “The University Youth Uses of Social Media and Achieved Satisfactions, Annals of Arts, Ain Shams Journal, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Vol. 40 2012 AD.
Research on the role of social media in increasing political participation among Yemeni immigrants, a field study – Journal of Media Studies, 11th issue 2020, Berlin, Germany.
General Studies (unpublished)

The art and skill of speaking in the media.
Scientific research methods and skills.
Morale-boosting strategy.
The role of Yemeni media in promoting dialogue and tolerance among Yemenis.
Improving and building a mental image.
Future leaders.
The art of managing media organizations.
TV drama deals with women’s issues in Arab societies.
The art of managing political alliances … and communicating with others.
Yemeni media and its management of the Yemeni crisis.
Academic scientific experiences

2008 – 2014 Assistant Professor at the College of Information and Media – Ajman University.

2011 Visiting Professor at the College of Mass Communication, Gezira University – Dubai

2007-2008 Visiting Assistant Professor at the College of Information and Media – Ajman University

2003 – 2006 Assistant Professor of the (Part Time) system, Ajman University.

1998 – 1999 AD Assistant Lecturer in the Media Department, Taiz National University – Yemen

Administrative experiences

2019 Founder of Beit Al Arab Channel – Turkey

2016-2017 Freelance work as a management consultant and marketing consultant for commercial projects – Malaysia.

2010 – 2014 Coordinator of the Radio and Television track at the College of Information and Media – University


2000 – 2005 Managing Director of Al-Kaknj International Trade Group – Dubai Free Zone

2005 – 2007 Media and Marketing Consultant for many companies and commercial establishments in Dubai.

Academic courses you have taught

Communication theories.
Media planning and media campaigns.
Principles of Marketing.
The media in the Arab Gulf states.
Media institutions management.
A special topic in public relations and advertising.
Research Methodology.
Methods of measuring public opinion.
Radio and television advertising.
Radio and television news.
Presentation and presentation.
Media ethics and legislation.
Media and development.
Supervising field training and graduation projects.
Technology skills

Work on the model program, through which the following is done:
Student registration and download of materials – and the withdrawal and addition system.
Absence preparation.
Monitor grades.
Download notes and collateral.
Make short tests for students.
Communicate with students and send and receive their questions and inquiries.
The ability to deal with all systems, computer programs and operating systems.
Information literacy – knowing the sources of electronic information, and how to use the Internet to obtain information.
Utilizing the services provided by social media in finding alternatives and environments for learning.
Teaching skills

Use the interactive method during the teaching process.
Use the method of focus groups and workshops.
Use the method of presentation by means of short films for some video clips.
Training students to speak and stand before classmates and prepare in advance for the lecture.
Teaching and training the student in research skills on information from its various sources.
Use of practical applications of materials that require this through the use of the following skills: (photography – lighting – montage – photoshop – presentation and presentation).
Conducting field visits to the headquarters of scientific institutions and informing students of the experiences of others closely.
Work in the field of quality

She worked as a member of the Academic Accreditation Committee, through which:
Preparation of teaching programs and course descriptions.
Determine the practical aspects of some materials.
Preparing the vision, mission and goals of the college.
Chairman of the book writing committee, through which specifications for the curricula and books to be written in .. and the course description and vocabulary.
Chair of the college’s evaluation committee for books.
Work through a plan placed at the beginning of each semester in which the community activities, visits and work that I will undertake during the semester are determined.
Ensuring that students’ satisfaction is measured by evaluating the course material, the method of presenting it, and the extent of their understanding of it through the electronic modeled program
Submit a report on the subject taught during the semester – mention the strengths and weaknesses in the textbook and make the necessary proposals for developing the subject –
Scientific committees involved in it

Chairman of the College Book Writing Committee.
Chairman of the committee assessing the books prescribed in the college
Member of the College Academic Accreditation Committee.
Member of the faculty selection committee to work in the college.
Member of the jury for annual research competitions at the university.
Member of the College Student Practical Training Evaluation Committee.
Representing the college in many official forums and events.
Member of the college’s ideal student selection committee.
Member of the college reception committee.
10. Member of the Preparation Committee for Conferences and Scientific Events in the College.

Conferences, seminars and workshops participating in it

2019 Participation in the conference “Uwais Al-Qarni Endowment in the Perspective of Civilized Revival” from 23-24 / 8/2019 in Istanbul – Turkey.
2017 AD participation with a working paper on “Effective manager skills in dealing with the media” in the Sixth International Forum for Professional Training – Forum for Management Development and Entrepreneurship – Malaysia.
2012 Participation in a symposium on “Social Media”, the culture of use and limits of responsibility – Dubai Press Club.
2012 Participation in the conference “Creative Thinking and Education Challenges” – Ajman.
2012 Participation in the Gulf Conference “Arab Media and the Nation’s Issues” Gulf Center
for Studies – Sharjah.

2012 Participation in the Arab Media Forum, Dubai.
2012 Participation in the symposium “Modernity” Prince Badr Bin Abdul Mohsen Bin Jalawi Center,

2011 Participation in the conference “Media tools of expression and means of change” through a research paper entitled “Youth Use of Social Media in Direct Marketing”.
2011, participation in the Gulf Center symposium on “the economic repercussions of the Arab revolutions, Sharjah.
2011 AD participation in the eleventh Gulf Conference “The Arabs in the Next Decade” Sharjah
2011 Participation in the second Fujairah Media Forum “Translation and the Arabic language in the media.
2010 Participation in the “E-learning” conference – University of Bahrain – by presenting a research paper entitled University Professor and his role in e-learning.
2010 Participation in the symposium “The Gulf Cooperation Council To Where” The Gulf Center for Studies, Sharjah.
2010 Participation in the symposium on “Multiculturalism from an Islamic Perspective,” Gulf Center, Sharjah.
2010 Participation in the symposium “The Values ​​System in Society – Fixed and Changing –
Gulf Center for Studies – Sharjah.

2010 Participation in the Al-Ahram symposium “The road from press organizations to
media companies” Dubai International Center, Dubai.

From 14 to 15 December 2010, participation in the International Conference on “Media
and Crisis Management, Stakes and Challenges” – University of Sharjah.

2010 Participation through a working paper in the symposium “Youth and Technology: Benefits
and Misuse” The Case of the Emirates – Gulf Center for Studies.

2010 Participation in the symposium “Journals, a cultural memory – Obstacles and prospects – Ajman
2010 AD Participation in the symposium on“ Media and Law ”, University of Sharjah.
2010 Participation in a symposium on “e-learning” – Mother of the Believers Association – Ajman.
2009 Participation in the Arab Media Forum – Dubai.
2008 Participation in the Arab Media Forum – Dubai.
2008 Participation in the symposium of the eighth annual conference of the Gulf Center for Studies –

2007 Participation in the symposium “Commercial Advertising” in the Gulf region by submitting a
working paper , Ajman.

2007 Participation in the Arab Media Forum – Dubai.
2007 AD Participation in a working paper on “Media Institutions Management” during the opening of
Afaq Media Channel – Ajman.

2006 Participation in the Sharjah Book Festival symposium through a television interview –
Sharjah TV.

2006 AD participation in the Arab Media Forum – Dubai.
2005 Participation in the Arab Media Forum – Dubai.
2003 Participation in the symposium of the Arab Intellectual Forum – Cairo.
2003 Participation in the conference of the Center for Future Studies – Cairo.
Training courses and certificates obtained

2013 AD Course in Time Management Skills – Ajman University.
2013 AD Course “E-learning” Ajman University.
2013 AD “Conflict Management” course, Ajman University.
2013 CE Certificate of Thanks from the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman – for preparing a television and radio advertisement that embodies the suffering of sanitation workers.
2012 CE Certificate of Contribution to the Eighth Scientific Convergence Conference – Ajman University.
2012 Certificate of participation in the success of the campaign “My Language My Identity” Ajman University.
2012 Certificate of participation in the work of the conference “Creative Thinking and the Challenges of Education”, Mother of the Faithful Society, Ajman
2012 Certificate of Participation in Female Students’ League Arbitration – Ajman University.
2011 Certificate of participation in the evaluation of research work for the seventh session – Ajman University
2010 AD Certificate from the Score Plus Center in completing the study program in the English language
2010 Course in Self Management, ATC Center, Sana’a
2010 Course of skills to discover yourself and others Sana’a.
2010 Course of International Electronic Academic Priorities Management – Sana’a.
2010 The International Electronic Academic Decision Making Course – Sana’a.
2010 Course of discovering energies and employing them, the International Electronic Academy – Sana’a.
2009 Strategic Planning Course Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
2009 Certificate of Appreciation for Supervising the Best Research Paper from Ajman University.
2009 Certificate of participation in the evaluation of research work – Ajman University.
2008 Presentation and Presentation Skills and Training of Trainers Arts – Dubai.
2008 A course in strategic planning for the workforce in implementing the comprehensive quality system – Dubai
2007 AD Certified expert in public relations and media from the BRITISH Academy
2002 Course in Management – Dubai.
1998 AD Course in Advertising Campaign Planning – Cairo.
1998 AD various courses in computer programs.
Areas of interest

Media training.
Marketing and administrative training.
Research and development in modern management methods for media organizations.
Developing the skills of media graduates in ways and methods that help them get a job.
Developing the skills of media professionals towards creativity and excellence.
Working on evaluating the march of Islamic satellite channels.
Foreseeing the future of Arab media in the next stage.
Media performance evaluation in media organizations.
Providing consultations and a feasibility study in media fields.
Training courses that you have implemented

Media campaign planning course.
A course on methods and skills for job search in the media.
A course in dealing with the media.
How to establish a successful media project ??
Small media projects course.
A course in the art of preparation and feasibility study.
A course to improve and build the mental image of organizations and institutions.
A course in content planning and leading the media work team.
An effective trainer skills course in dealing with the media. Malaysia.
Future leadership and strategic planning
course – Malaysia A course on modern skills in media editing.
A course on scientific research methods and methods.
General activities

Participate in radio interventions in many daily radio programs.
Participating in commenting and analyzing many political and intellectual issues in some newspapers.
Participating in many media activities and discussion groups.
Weekly columnist for Al-Jumhuriya newspaper – Yemen. Previously, he
supervised many research and graduation projects for college students.
Participate in the discussion of annual research and graduation projects in the college.
Supervising researchers and postgraduate students in designing and arbitrating research forms.