University Mission

Supplying society with academic cadres and elites to advance human societies in terms of higher education and scientific research to reach the ranks of developed countries in a way that serves the aspirations and interests of human peoples in building a modern state based on law, justice and equality.


University Vision

The ideal university education in all its degrees, and new and distinguished scientific research.



1- Attention to continuing university education, direct education, e-learning, distance learning technology, and open education.
2- Reaching out to students wishing to complete their university and postgraduate studies in Arabic, in addition to students wishing to study professional academic.
3- Developing the student’s personality in a way that makes him capable of professional development and development, and work locally, regionally and internationally.
4- Modernizing curriculum development in accordance with international quality standards in order to achieve development, education, university education, higher education and higher education.
5- Permanent and continuous training for students and researchers in all specializations and programs initiated by the university.
6- Achieving the existence of scientific cadres qualified for the stage of continuous growth in terms of growth disorders and aspirations and peoples of peoples.
7- Reaching the state of coordination and linking with international universities and the competence of scientific and educational institutions and adopting the Arabic language as an approved basic language for science, knowledge and educational technology in all applied and fields.