Graduation and final exams


Upon graduation, the final average is calculated from the total marks obtained by the student in all the curricula of the study plan after multiplying each of them by the number of credit hours for the course divided by the total number of credit hours for the plan.

The unified university examination is an integral part of the internal regulations of the faculties and specializations (law – sebasian sciences – economics and management – media and communication – Arab and Islamic studies – education and counseling – information technology – communication technology – pharmacy) via the Internet or on campus and university centers scattered across countries. The other.
The exam can be taken on campus in Turkey, at university centers in other countries, or through the university’s online platform.
The pass mark in this exam is 50% and 60% for some majors, and it is not included in the Bachelor’s degree average, and the student benefits from the Mercy Council by only two marks.
This examination is conducted for successful students in all curricula of the study plan, and its dates and discussions are determined by the University Council.
The exam is a condition for admission to postgraduate studies, provided that the student’s passing mark in this exam is not less than 50% or 60%.
A student who has completed all the decisions of the plan is allowed to sit for this exam and benefit from the special courses when they are launched.