University Warnings

40 (33)

– The student admitted to study in the major loses his right to transfer to another major if he has completed the four semesters granted to him in the study in the major and is unable to raise his cumulative average to the minimum required, and the summer semester is not considered a semester for this purpose.
– The academic load for a student admitted to catch-up special study is (15) credit hours as a maximum for each of the first and second semesters, and (6) credit hours for the summer semester.
1- A student who obtains less than one point in the GPA in any semester of the year after the first semester of joining the university, except for the summer semester, shall be dismissed from the major. If the student repeatedly obtains less than one point in the GPA in any subsequent semester, he is dismissed from the university.
2- A student who is dismissed from a major in another major may not be accepted more than once during his study period at the university. In all cases, the Director of Admission and Registration undertakes to warn the student or duly dismiss him, and inform the student of the warning or dismissal decision to inform him through his academic advisor or by the method that the university deems appropriate, as well as inform the concerned authorities.
3- It is not permissible for a student who has been academically dismissed from any major to re-admit him to it again, if the student received an incomplete grade in a given semester and was under pain of dismissal from the major or from the university due to his low GPA, the following shall apply to him:
4- He is not allowed to continue studying in the next semester except after completing his marks and raising his GPA to the required minimum.
5- The student is dismissed in case his GPA is not raised to the minimum required, after completing the marks of that semester.