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The Faculty of Law and Justice is considered one of the leading faculty locally, regionally and internationally, considering that legal sciences are among the basic sciences upon which human societies are built from the smallest institutions until the formation of the state, because of the importance of law, whether in planning or organizing or in managing relations between individuals themselves and between individuals and departments and between individuals And the state in general stems from the relationship that binds states together in various fields.
Hence the importance of studying rights, especially if we know that law is the main focus of justice, and justice is the goal that everyone seeks, especially in civilized civil societies, as the concept of justice is the basis for building all areas that form the structure of society and the state, so justice is the basis of king.
We in the Faculty of Law have launched a more accurate name, which is the Faculty of Law and Justice, and since we are in the era of subspecialties, we have divided this faculty into several departments according to specialization.
We welcome all students who wish to study law in all its branches

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The visit of Mr. Tom Perello, Member of the US House of Representatives, to International Suleiman University

Mr. Tom Perello, a member of the US House of Representatives and a founding member of Save International Suleiman University met with Dr. Musab Suleiman Al-Jamal

A meeting with Prof. Dr. Musab Al-Jamal in the Illuminations program

Dr. Muhammad Al-Mutairi, presenter of the Illuminations Program on Excellence and Proficiency Channel, hosted Prof. Dr. Musab Suleiman Al-Jamal, President of Soliman International University.

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