Learning Systems

International Suleiman University has adopted the distance education program with its two parts, open and virtual education, in the study of law at the undergraduate level, and at the master’s and doctoral levels.
International Suleiman University has adopted outstanding programs in the field of distance education by providing the electronic book and read, audio and video lectures that the student obtains from the university platform from his own account on the website.
The student can continue his studies through the electronic platform and interact directly with the university professor, and the feature of installing read, audio and visual lectures remains on his page on the website during the semester
Distance education provides the student with university studies and pursuit of graduate studies bypassing the boundaries of the place. He can also control study times and receive lectures, as that remains registered on the site after the lecture is given by the professor.
Distance education is the best solution in cases of wars, disasters and crises, especially students who have been forced to migrate and seek asylum and have spread to all parts of the earth, and the crisis of the Covid-19 virus (covid-19) has proven that distance education is the only solution for the continuity of education, especially university education and higher education.
The world under the age of the Internet and the development of means of communication and communication has become a small room and therefore the virtual campus accommodates all students and gives it the opportunity to study distinction.
University education is continuous education and the recent global crisis, the Coronavirus Crisis (covid-19), has proven that traditional education in light of crises cannot remain continuous unless it coincides with virtual education programs, hence the importance of distance education that maintains the continuity of university education.

Virtual Learning

Open Learning