The Faculty of Law is one of the leading colleges in International SuleimanUniversity, and its existence necessitated the necessity of the existence of law first, considering that the social, economic and political structure in the country can only be in the presence of legal rules that organize life in all its aspects according to logical foundations, as the law is the logic of things and the logic of people according to the theory of truth The duty and building the state from the base to the top of the pyramid,
International Suleiman University, when the Faculty of Law was launched, had a broad view in this field, as the Faculty of Law was launched in general in accordance with the requirements of reality in terms of comprehensive legal studies, and then the trend was then to specialized study in the field of law, starting from the bachelor’s level to the master’s and doctoral levels.

The Faculty of Law was launched in general within the legal studies, then the trend was towards specialization and the division of these legal studies into its various departments, so that each of them would be an independent study starting from the first stage, so forensic sciences, with all that they contain, were the first choice, especially since criminal sciences (criminal law) It is an important basis in the law stage as legislation depends on the idea of ​​punishment in order to achieve general deterrence and special deterrence, and this includes the local level and the international level because the idea of ​​crime may be internal and may be comprehensive international, in addition to what is included in the forensic studies, especially the sciences related to the idea of ​​punishment Such as forensic psychology, criminal sociology, the sciences of criminology and punishment, in addition to criminal courts and their formations of various degrees, internally and internationally.

Scientific degree that comes after the bachelor degree and before the PhD degree. It is the path of the researcher and the science student to scientific research and its origins with high technology that opens new horizons for the researcher of science and knowledge.
Legal studies represent an important component of dealing with developments and changes affecting societies in various types of social and economic relations. Legal systems have become one of the most important tools necessary to face the change and development in the successive social and economic conditions in our country. Those who follow the development process in the countries of the world notice the increase and acceleration of issuing regulations that seek to organize all sectors of the state.
The Faculty of Law at Solomon International University has gained a long experience in the bachelor’s stage, the faculty has been established since the re-establishment of Solomon International University in Turkey in the academic year 2013/2014, and since then the college has graduated generations of jurists to meet the needs of different sectors of able legal advisors To deal with various fixed and changing situations and circumstances.
Therefore, the Faculty of Law at Solomon International University decided that there is a need to offer a master’s degree in law, especially since a master’s degree is offered by a few law schools in the Arab world.
Also, Solomon International University relied on a realistic and logical foundation for the master’s stage by adopting two types of masters only in the field of law and legal studies, namely the Master of Public Law and the Master of Private Law, given that all branches of law and all disciplines branch off from these two sections and they are the approved original.
Accreditation for this Master:
This master’s degree is academically accredited by Solomon International University, in addition to evaluation and equivalency from internationally accredited universities, in addition to its scientific accreditation from higher education councils that give additional value through international recognition.
Master Objectives:
Enriching legal scientific research and its applications.
Preparing legally qualified human cadres capable of dealing with various legal problems on scientific and correct methodological foundations.
Intensifying interest in in-depth studies and research in legal fields that address the needs of society in its various types of relationships.
Conducting comparative studies and highlighting the specificity of the statutory and legislative structure by linking the regulation, codification of rulings, and Sharia and legal jurisprudence.
Enabling willing students of scientific research to continue their graduate studies in law.
Master’s programs at Solomon International University started from scientific research programs in the various fields of law, and considering that all branches of law revolve around two main departments, public law and private law, so the beginning of the master’s program was from these two basic and comprehensive specializations for all branches of law.
And considering that the main goal of the master’s study is to develop the research capabilities of the researcher student, so the focus was on building a research personality in the fields of law.
Whereas the law departments accommodate multiple branches and the study of these branches is of great importance in the stage of academic scientific research from here, the launch of multiple disciplines within the public law and private law, especially necessary for practical life and what society requires, therefore, the following specializations were adopted:
Master’s Programme in Common Law
Master’s Programme in Private Law
Master’s Programme in Forensic Sciences
Master’s Programme in Public International Law
Master’s Programme in Arbitration and Resolution of Civil and Commercial Disputes

International Suleiman nowledge and covers the void in universities, research centers, strategic and investigative studies centers, and all scientific and administrative places that need To those qualified with this degree.
The doctoral programmes in law varied according to all legal disciplines, and International Suleiman University approved the following programmes:
Phd Programme in Forensic Sciences
Phd Programme in Civil Law
Phd Programme in Commercial Law
Phd Programme in Administrative Law
Phd Programme in Constitutional Law
Phd Programme in Public Administration
Phd Programme in Financial Legislation and Tax Legislation
Phd Programme in arbitration and civil and commercial dispute resolution
Phd Programme in Public International Law
Phd Programme in private international law
Phd Programme in social legislation