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International Suleiman University has been keen to give scientific research utmost importance in all respects, in order to advance scientific research and develop the scientific personality by providing a research environment and creating appropriate conditions for the optimal use of research outputs in community service, and with the aim of linking scientific research with the university’s goals and development plans and creating an information base for ongoing research And the exchange of research information with universities and other research centers in order to reach the development of a generation of young researchers and train them to conduct and enrich research, and to strengthen cooperation in the field of scientific research between the university and research institutions and universities around the world and in the belief in the importance of scientific research as one of the most important pillars of the development of societies and the measure of their progress and scientific and academic progress and an important factor In developing production as it is directly related to development plans


Upgrading scientific research to contribute to enhancing the distinguished scientific and technical position of International Suleiman University and achieving the vision of linking the university with societies.


Developing the research personality by providing a stimulating research environment for researchers at International Suleiman University and creating appropriate conditions for optimal use of research outcomes in the service of development

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