Training and Development

The Training and Development Department seeks training in the Faculty of Law and Justice to link theory with practice; This is by providing the student with the opportunity to develop the theoretical and practical legal aspects that he acquired during his studies at the college, in addition to developing his personal capabilities and skills to become able to practice law and apply it in practice.
As practical training enables the student to develop practical experience that enhances his legal awareness in addition to related sciences, and contributes to preparing him and qualifying him to be able to engage in a realistic work environment and work in the legal field and related fields with distinct capabilities and high efficiency.
Based on this, International Suleiman University is keen to provide advanced training programs that keep pace with the changes of the times that allow the student to fully benefit from his practical specialization to achieve the goals he seeks, by facilitating procedures for the student to obtain suitable training programs for him and providing advice and guidance on everything related to practical training In addition to assisting the student in choosing the training authority and coordinating the necessary procedures in this regard.

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