Students Affairs

The Student Affairs section supervises student affairs, and the Student Affairs Director works on developing the services provided by the department and follows up on their implementation as required. This department includes the following units:

Education Support Center for People with Special Needs.

Student Counseling Unit.

Unit of talent and creativity.

Social responsibility and volunteer work unit.

The Student Council is a student gathering that represents the link between students and the university administration, and aims to serve students, raise their issues, present their point of view and defend it.
It also aims to enhance the spirit of participation and cooperation between students on the one hand, and the administration and faculty on the other hand, and to develop awareness of moral values and spread the spirit of leadership and responsibility in them. The council consists of the council president and five students who are selected through election according to a list of the Deanship of Student Affairs.


Unit objectives

1- Emphasizing the importance of dialogue and understanding as an approach to sophisticated interaction with students on the faculty campus.

2- Working on developing students’ leadership skills and building their balanced personality.

3- To accustom the student to presenting his problems and suggestions, and to involve him in developing appropriate solutions for them.

4- Reducing behavioral and educational problems within the college by opening the way for the student to reveal what is about himself through his colleagues, members of the Council, which contributes to achieving discipline within the faculty.

5- Raising the spirit of competition among students by participating in the council membership.

6- To accustom the student to hearing the other opinion and respecting the one who does, if it does not conflict with the established principles.

The Giftedness and Creativity Unit represents a crucible in which the talents of university students are cultivated and their capabilities developed.
This is done by providing support services for students with high mental and academic abilities
And faculty members to invest their energies and develop their latent talents and creative abilities,
Highlight them in the media and involve them in internal and external events.


The Talent and Creativity Unit includes:

Photography Club

Invention and Innovation Club

Culture and Literature Club

Chess club

Objectives of the talent and Creativity Unit

1- Activating the role of students at the university and strengthening their confidence in themselves.

2- Introduce students to innovation tools and mechanisms.

3- Spreading the culture of creativity among university students so that it becomes the language of their dialogue.

4- Helping students with their projects by providing the scientific and material support and care they need.

5- Notifying students of their role in society and their responsibilities towards it.

6- Providing programs and activities that contribute to attracting talented and creative students.

Tasks of the Giftedness and Creativity Unit

  • Talent training in the necessary personal skills.
  • Provide the necessary care and support for talented projects.
  • Preparing students to participate in local, regional and international competitions.
  • Identify talented models that the university includes and help them discover and develop themselves.
  • Providing the necessary scientific consultations for creative and talented people.
  • Providing training courses, workshops, tests and metrics that help discover and develop talented and creative students.
  • Searching for local, regional and international participations and competitions that you can participate in.
  • Carrying out scientific visits that contribute to achieving the center’s goals.
  • Helping innovators and inventors to patent their projects.
  • Communicating inside and outside the university to introduce the role of the unit, and establishing partnerships and alliances to support talented people.
  • Arranging and organizing exhibitions and conferences in which talented people highlight their talents and innovations.