Assistant. Prof. Ibrahim Yahya Al-Busaidi

Name: Ibrahim bin Yahya bin Zahran Al-Busaidi
Date of birth: 1972.
Position: Assistant Professor (Department of History – College of Arts and Social Sciences – Sultan Qaboos University)
1- Bachelor of Education in History – Sultan Qaboos University, 1995, grade: Very good.
2- MA – University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2000 AD, specialization: modern history, subject of the dissertation: the Portuguese in the Omani coast 1600-1650AD. Honors
3- PhD – University of Lisbon (Portugal) 2011. Specialization: Geographical discoveries and Portuguese expansion, subject of the message: Oman and Portugal 1650-1730 study in political and economic aspects. Distinguished with honors.

Published research on the Portuguese presence in Amman 1622-1625, submitted to the Fifth Scientific Forum of the Society for History and Archeology in the Cooperation Council States, Doha, Qatar 2002.
Symposium of the Sixth Scientific Forum of the Society for History and Archeology in the Cooperation Council States, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2003 AD.
A paper on the Portuguese on the Omani coast, submitted to the symposium on “Surrounding the World”, held in Washington, DC, in cooperation with the Sultan Qaboos Center for Islamic Culture in Washington, DC, August 2007.
Paper on “Portuguese influence in Oman”, Seminar on Omani-Portuguese Relations, Geographical Society, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010.
Research entitled “The commercial importance of Muscat during the period of the Portuguese in the first half of the seventeenth century”, submitted to the Symposium of the Thirteenth Scientific Forum, Muscat, April 2012 AD.
Published research entitled “The implications of the civil war in Oman on the political situation in East Africa during the period 1719-1730 CE”, the International Conference on the Omani Role in East Africa 11-13 December 2012 AD.
Paper entitled “Musandam in Portuguese documents”, a symposium on Musandam organized by the Cultural Club in the Wilayat of Musandam, January 2014.
Paper entitled “The Omani-Portuguese Conflict in the Arab Gulf in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century”, Symposium of the Portuguese in the Persian Gulf and Southern Arabia, Kuwait, 9-11 March 2015.
Paper on “The Omani-Portuguese Conflict and Competition in Oman in the Seventeenth Century,” Oman Symposium on Portuguese Writings and Documents, The Cultural Club, Muscat, April 14, 2015.
Research entitled “Omani communication with Europe (Portugal-Britain-France), within the symposium of civilizational communication between Oman and the world, within the activities of Nizwa, the capital of Islamic culture 2015 AD, 2-3 September 2015 AD.
Paper entitled “The State of Ya’ariba in Portuguese Writings and Documents” Conference of the Scientific Movement in Nizwa, Celebrating Nizwa as the Capital of Islamic Culture, College of Sharia – Muscat – 7-8 / 2015 AD. (Under publication)
Paper on “The Sultana’s News in Foreign Sources”, Sultana Symposium, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Muscat, 2016.
Research entitled “The Maritime Fleet and its Role in Strengthening the Omani Presence on the Eastern Coast of the Arabian Gulf (1792-1871 AD), submitted to the Symposium on Oman Maritime Heritage, Sultan Qaboos University, September 2018 AD, under publication.
Research entitled “Poetic History in the Inscriptions of Egyptian Mosques and Mosques in the Ottoman Era”, History Conference, Science Bag, Antalya, April, 2020 AD.
Research entitled “The Ottoman Judicial Department Building in Karak in 1329 AH / 1911 CE”
A study of pedigree and architectural planning, under publication.

Research entitled “Schools of Christian Sects and Foreign Missionaries in
Karak in the late Ottoman era, under publication.

Research entitled “The importance of literature in historical studies: the role of poetry in history.”
For the Lebanese press and its pioneers in taking sentences, ”Science Bag Conference, Antalya,

April, 2020.

Teaching at the Department of History at Sultan Qaboos University.

Member of the Omani Historical Society.
Member of the Association of History and Archeology in the Cooperation Council States.
Member of the Portuguese Geographical Society in Lisbon.
Member of the Portuguese Naval Academy.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Club 2014 – to date.
Researcher in the strategic project, the sources of the history of Oman and East Africa 1624-1963 (Sultan Qaboos University).
Membership of several committees in the Department of History and the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Participation in a number of entries in the Omani Encyclopedia.
Contribution to the preparation of the National Museum project.
Contributing to the Ministry of Education teacher training and rehabilitation project.
Doing many scientific lectures in some government schools.
Reviewing many historical issues of some governmental institutions.
Arbitration scientific research for publication in refereed journals.
Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Sultanate of Oman, Scientific Research Council, April 2015, February 2016.