Name: Abdul Hamid Muhammad Abdul Hamid Hussain                          

Date of birth: 2/3/1968 AD


   A- Bachelor of Laws 1993

  • Master of Laws 1996

 C – PhD in Law 2/8/2010 

Major:     International Criminal Law

Message title: International Criminal Court      

 A study of the development of the international criminal judiciary and the statute of the court in light of contemporary international law.

Appreciation:       “Very good with honors and message exchange with other universities

Employer:    Beni Suef University – Egypt – Academic degree, Assistant Professor

  • Teaching subjects ( general international law , international relations , human rights , business law in 2012, 2013 and 2014), international law, business law and legal family planning subjects in the Euro-Mediterranean countries in 2015/2016 “in the Department of International Mediterranean Studies” Faculty of Arts, Beni Suef University.
  • Teaching the subject of international agreements for the Nile Basin at the Nile Basin Institute for Strategic Studies, Fayoum University, with a postgraduate diploma in the years 20013 and 2014. Teaching the subject political boundaries 2015 AD.
  • Research entitled American war crimes in Iraq submitted to the conference “Justice and Human Rights in Iraq” Istanbul, Turkey, May 2013
  • Research entitled: The chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians as a war crime presented to the conference “Terrorism and Human Rights in the Islamic World” Konya – Turkey May 2018
  • Research entitled: (The role of the International Criminal Court in protecting and promoting human rights in the face of crimes against humanity) submitted to the Human Rights Conference held on 6 and 7 December 2018 in Istanbul – Turkey.
  • Research entitled: International Protection for the Electronic Consumer) presented to the International Conference on Consumer Protection in the Field of Electronic Transactions from 29-30 October 2019 at the University of Messila in Algeria

Member of the International Federation of Arab Academics (Denmark)

  • Member of the World Federation of Jurists (Istanbul)
  • Member of the Egyptian Society for International Law (Cairo)
  • Member of Amnesty International
  • Member of the Global Council for Empowerment and Institutional Development
  • م: 00201117831511 & 01001730685      002
  • Email: