Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry

Name: Ibrahim Al Shukry
Technological graduate in England in 1968
MA in popular literature in Tunisia in 1975
PhD in anthropology in literature in 1982 at the Asian-African Institute
For studies on folklore:
The book (Kuwaiti Folk Dances, an art study in 1978, which won an award at the China Folklore Festival in 1982)
(The Bedouin Book in Kuwait. It won the UNESCO Prize in 1996 in Paris,
For studies in heritage; A study of Bedouinism and the role of international organizations to protect heritage in Germany from 1988
A study on the meaning of nomadism in the World Heritage Congress in Tarsita
And now the director general of the Gulf Information and Documentation Center, based in the State of Kuwait

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry is an ambassador for international peace for the United Nations
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry, Director General of the Gulf Information and Documentation Center, was granted a new title to be added to his previous capable work. He is an ambassador for international peace for the United Nations Organization. Dr. Taghreed Zuhdi Muhammad, Dean of the International Peace Ambassadors Academy in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Gulf states, on behalf of Dr. Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Zeyoudi, President of the International Peace Ambassadors Academy, and Dr. Hala Jamal, Director of the Regional Center in Bahrain. It is noteworthy that the academy is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization IAO, based in the American state of Houston, which is affiliated with the United Nations. The Academy has also made work agreements with the World Peace Organization in Morocco, the Afro-Asian Union, the Academy of Advanced Studies and accreditations from the League of Arab States, and the Peace Academy, which was founded by the late Kofi Annan, granted the title And handing over the certificate to Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry, who in a session expressed his continuing to spread peace in the Arab world and work on solidarity of peoples to advance their homelands. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shukry decided, after granting the award, to hold an international conference in Cairo soon, which will announce the details of the coming days.