A seminar on the implementation of Article 58 of the Iraqi State Administration Law, September 2005
A panel discussion entitled Culture of Tolerance, November 2005
Attending an international conference in Istanbul in September 2007
Participation in a program launched by the United Nations on electoral awareness in which it carried out 38 training workshops for university students during the five months in 2008
Symposium on Media and Democratic Transitions in cooperation with the College of Media at the University of Baghdad in March 2009
A seminar on the voter registration form carried out in cooperation with Al-Mustansiriya University and the Rusafa Electoral Commission in Elon in 2009
Seminar on Turkish threats to Iraq, in cooperation with the College of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University, in November 2009.
Giving a lecture entitled “Peace Culture in United Nations Programs” at the Iraqi Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden, September 2012.
Giving a lecture on the culture of peace and tolerance at the College of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University, October 2012.
Attending various seminars and lectures for civil society organizations and participating in discussions and dialogues.
Continuous attendance at the Makhzoumi Cultural Council, and seminars of the Baghdad Cultural Councils.
A lecture entitled (Peace culture through education and sustainable development) at the Iraqi Cultural Center in Washington, August 16, 2013

Dozens of political meetings on satellite channels
(The trend, the era, the Euphrates, the prospects, the world, Al-Kawthar, my country, freedom and freedom)
To cover many internal and Arab political events and positions, perhaps the most prominent of which is covering the ongoing negotiations on the signing of the American-Iraqi agreement and the American withdrawal from Iraq, as well as the Arab summit conference in Baghdad and the ongoing developments in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen.
Founder of the Strategic Center for Research and Studies in 2006, Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Center during the years 2006-2012, and an expert in the Center at the present time

About Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Saeed Al-Baidhani

Prof. Dr Ibrahim Saeed Al-Baidani

Certificate / Ph.D. title / Professor

Major: Professor of Modern History (History of the United States and Europe)

Date of obtaining the doctorate / 1992

The date of obtaining the professorship degree / 2000

Master Thesis Title 1988 (Political Developments in Syria 1954-1958)

PhD thesis title (American policy toward Syria 1936-1949)

A prominent and distinguished activity in the scientific and cultural committees at the university, colleges, scientific promotion committees, and cultural, educational and administrative committees
Obtaining more than fifty letters of thanks and appreciation from the ministers of higher education and scientific research, university presidents and deans of colleges

Political Developments in Syria 1954-1958
American Policy Toward Syria 1936-1949
American Foreign Policy 1906–1918
American policy towards the Arab East 1945-1962
History of the Great Powers 1914–1945
Research in electronic culture
Studies in scientific research, development and knowledge
Us policy toward Syria 1936-1949 (in English, published in the United States)
Us policy toward Syria 1949-1958
Europe in the nineteenth century .. Studies in international relations (in press)
Iraq: Governance and Challenges 2003-2012 (in press)
American policy towards Syria 1936-1958, Dar Amwaj, Jordan, 2015

International conferences outside Iraq

The International Campaign Against Terrorism … Missing Rights, and Justice Exploited, Amman, Oman Center for Human Rights, 2006.
The First International Conference of the University of Bahrain, Zain E-Learning Center, Manama, 2006.
The Third International Conference on Combating Terrorism, International Bureau of Charitable Societies, Istanbul, 2007.
The Second International Conference of the University of Bahrain, Zain E-Learning Center, Manama, April 2008.
The Tenth International Conference of Minia University, on the Self and the Other, Minia University, Egypt, 2009.
The Third International Conference of the University of Bahrain, Zain E-Learning Center, Manama, April 2010.
The International Conference of Zagazig University, on scientific research, May 2011
Conference on the Status of Human Rights in the Arab World, the first anniversary of the Arab Spring revolutions, Cairo, December 2011
The Second International Scientific Conference on Education and Learning Skills, Isra University, Jordan, 2012.
The International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Management and Economics at Jinan University, Tripoli, Lebanon, on the globalization of management in the age of knowledge, November 2012
Visiting the American Library of Congress in August 2013
The Fifth International Forum of the Tunisian Historical Society, April 2014
The Sixth International Forum of the Tunisian Historical Society, December 2014
Scientific conferences inside Iraq

Participation in research in the sixteenth scientific conference of the Faculty of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University in 2009
Participation in the three scientific conferences of the Faculty of Political Science at Al-Mustansiriya University during the years 2008-2011
Participation in research in the first International Taf Forum in 2010 for the Faculty of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University
Participation in the Second Child International Forum in 2011 for the Faculty of Arts at Al-Mustansiriya University
Participation in the third kindest international forum in 2012 for the Faculty of Arts, Al-Mustansiriya University
Participation in research in the Fifth Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Arts, Dhi Qar University, on the Spring of the Arab Revolutions in April 2012
Participation in the scientific conference of Basra University on the impact of the Arab Spring revolutions on the Arabian Gulf

More than fifty research papers in various fields of science, American and European history, and in the fields of e-learning, sustainable development and knowledge economy
The mechanism of decision-making in American politics. Journal of Political Science, University of Baghdad, 1994
The American position on the unity of Syria and Egypt in 1958. Journal of Tikrit University for Human Sciences 1994
Oil and American politics from the Second World War until the aggression on Iraq, Journal of Political Affairs of the Republic House 1995
The American-Japanese rivalry and the future of Japan’s role in international politics, Arab perspectives, 1996.
Bulgaria .. A study of political developments 1876-1914, The Scientific Journal of Tikrit University, 1996
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The Zionist Project A Hundred Years Later, a symposium at Tikrit University, 1998.
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The Industrial Revolution and its impact on international relations
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Woman in light of social transformations, presenter for the Historians Union conference in Cairo.
Arab universities and the concept of knowledge management.
The role of civil society organizations in creating a knowledge society presented to the third international scientific conference of the Zain Center at the University of Bahrain, 2010
Al-Hussein from a Christian Point of View, The Second International Taf Forum, 2010.
The university is underpinned by a close relationship between scientific research and sustainable development.
Al-Ghuroub Newspaper 1935, reading in trends and leadership in the Iraqi press
The role of the media with its advanced technologies in democratic transitions, Ministry of Interior Magazine, 2010.
Europe and the Levant, a scientific conference at The Hague University in the Netherlands, in 2011.
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Societal Values ​​in the Era of Globalization and Knowledge Management, International Scientific Conference on Globalization of Management in the Age of Knowledge, December 15, 2012.
The effects of the global economic crisis in 2008. Not yet published.
The strategic importance of the Iraqi Kurdistan region in international relations in the nineteenth century, presented to the Erbil University Conference, May 2013.
European colonial rivalry in Africa during the last spring of the nineteenth century, gave a lecture and Sumner in the Department of History 2012.
The motives and circumstances of the assassination of Colonel Adnan al-Maliki in 1955 and the American position
The position of the United States on the coup of Hosni al-Zaeem, March 1949
American support for the Baghdad Pact in 1955 and the pressure on Syria
The United States and Shishakli in Syria 1949-1954
The role of the Syrian military establishment in political life 1954-1958
Turkish pressure on Syria and US interests 1955-1957
The United States and the repercussions of the crisis in Syria in 2011
The Geneva Conference, January 2, 2014 is an important turning point in the course of the Syrian crisis and the US position on it
Turkey’s position on the Syrian crisis within the framework of US political interests
Syrian interests in Lebanon and their implications for the American policy towards Syria 1975-2005
The water crisis in the Arab Mashreq is between scarcity, political goals and common interests