Prof. Dr. Musab Suleiman Al-Jamal

Phone and WhatsApp: 00905539743497
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PhD in constitutional law and political systems
PhD in Public Law
PhD in Arbitration and Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution
Doctor of Criminal Sciences
Master of Administrative Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law
Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Sciences
Bachelor of Laws
Professor of law at the Bar Association in the Syrian Arab Republic
Professor at Damascus University
Lecturer at the Judicial Institute at the Ministry of Justice
Formerly Director of the East Open Virtual Academy
Researcher in legal sciences
A human rights advisor
Director of the Center for Legal Studies
Preparing draft laws

Constitutional Law and Political Systems (University Course)
Introduction to Law Science (University Course)
Comparative Criminal Law between Positive Law and Islamic Law (University Course)
An Foundational Study of the Constitution (PhD thesis)
Comparative Penal Code between Positive Law and Sharia (PhD thesis)
Arbitration in Limited Liability Companies (PhD thesis)
Criminal Protection of Currency in Counterfeiting Comparative Study (PhD thesis)
Securities Survey Study (Master Thesis)
Public facilities between text and application (scientific research to obtain a diploma in public law)
Criminal protection of currency in counterfeiting (scientific research for obtaining a diploma in forensic science)
Judicial protection for currency (a letter to obtain a professor’s degree in attorneys)

Currency protection in the Syrian legislation
The crime of intentional murder in the Syrian Penal Code – a comparative study
An in-depth study of the history of law
White collar crimes
Forensic research
Criminal Psychology and Criminal Behavior
Crime on commercial and industrial property
Copyright and Related Rights – A Comparative Study
In addition to a number of research published in periodicals
Syria between a rock and a hard place – a historical study