Consulting services

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Mental Health Series

We offer an annual series of workshops and talks by experts and academics that address mental health topics relevant to students’ faculty life. These are open to all interested students.

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Special educational needs

At InternationalSuleiman University, offering equal educational opportunities to its students is of utmost priority.
Providing students with the means to effectively express their knowledge is central to our understanding of diversity.
With this goal in mind, our university offers a series of special adjustments for students with special educational needs, which are defined as special conditions that may hinder a student’s learning and challenge his academic achievement. These types of special learning conditions must be accredited by qualified academics and properly documented in official reports. Likewise, the diagnosis needs to be supported by objective and standardized test results. Any student wishing to benefit from these amendments must provide the university with a corresponding report issued by an academic qualified in this field. The information provided is treated confidentially and will be kept exclusively for the intended purposes only.
In order to initiate an academic amendment request, students are required to fill out a questionnaire upon their admission to our university. Our department evaluates the submitted documents, and temporarily issues a proposal for academic adaptations. This proposal will only be formalized after an in-person interview with our Special Education Needs Coordinator at the start of the school year.