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The International Suleiman University unit gives a foundation in the major subjects that are part of every undergraduate program, from the first year to the third year. In this unit, you will gain essential skills that reflect the university’s culture and vision, and which reinforce the transversal components of our model (university lab laboratories, advanced and optional seminars, and languages). You’ll also benefit from progressive learning, where content is curated to gradually increase difficulty, with more optional options, immersed in a multi-perspective environment alongside students of different degrees.

The four pillars on which the University's unit themes are based are: Entrepreneurship, Humanities, Diversity, Technology and Innovation.

In your first year, you will develop a broad understanding of business organizations and gain specific knowledge in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, communications, among others.

You will also receive technological training to stay on the cutting edge of digital developments, ready to make the most of the opportunities it offers. You will also work on writing and presentation skills, which are essential for success in a career.

Your second year will focus on reality analysis with a variety of perspectives to develop your own views. With more work creating the positive conditions for your success, you will learn to influence, motivate, and encourage others towards effectiveness and productivity.

The goal of our approach to the humanities is to train creative young people, visionaries and global changers who, by exploring the humanities, can discover new pathways to uncover extraordinary aspects of reality.

The complex realities of today’s international markets call for professionals able to make an impact on a global scale.
At Soliman International University, we provide the skills and tools necessary, within a multicultural environment, to cultivate successful leaders, able to manage projects in an international environment.

Furthermore, you’ll study courses specifically designed to teach you how to behave and perform in such challenging settings. This training is crucial for you to become a successful global professional, regardless of the subject you choose.