Information Technology and Learning Management Center

The Information Technology and Learning Management Center at ISC has a primary role as our college follows the virtual education system as a primary system for studying in it. Therefore, the Information Technology and Learning Management Center is considered as a key player in the workflow process as it provides the latest learning technologies and works to provide high quality distance education. For ISC students, the Technology, Information and Learning Management Center also seeks to create a new distance learning environment in which it provides the basics of distance learning, such as communication between the professor and the student directly through direct virtual lectures and the provision of the course audio, visual and readable to the student, in addition to a new communication environment between students with Some of them organize real and virtual activities among the students.
The center also provides technology, information and learning management in all our electronic services.


Center Vission

To provide high-quality technology solutions that are reliable, safe, effective, and integrated to support the academic goals of the ISC.

Center Mission

Establishing an interactive electronic environment that contributes to achieving distinct educational outcomes.

We are working on

Collaboration, innovation, ISC community, service, transparency, alignment with ISC priorities, ease of use.