Admission requirements

ISC launched the Institute of Professional Studies in order to provide education to all persons wishing to study specialized vocational studies, regardless of their previous educational attainment.
All programmes of the Institute of Professional Studies fall under the Continuing Admissions Policy, due to the Institute’s commitment to providing continuing professional education, a search that anyone who wishes to study within the Professional Programmes can do so at the time he deems appropriate.

Registration processes

01 .
The student enters the page of the study programme he wishes to register for.
The student clicks on the “Register in the programme” buttun.
The student goes to the “Registration in Academia” page and fills out the requirements for registration.
The student shall attach the following documents to the registration form
– Photograph
A copy of the ID card or passport
A copy of your previous educational attainment
After submitting the registration form, the Academy’s admission and registration team reviews the student within a period ranging from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of one week.
The student is informed of his acceptance and the necessary information to start the study is sent.