Nine important rules for the online exam

The course instructor must be present on the podium
Asking all students to grant the academy platform permission to access the microphone and not speak unless there is a question.
Require all students to grant the Academy permission to access the camera.
If the student does not grant permission to access the platform, he is automatically exited from the exam and is prohibited from taking an exam for 24 hours.
Ask the students to sit in a quiet place
Remind students ten minutes before the end time by pressing the “Select the answer” button.
If the student enters late, the professor can add an appropriate time for him according to what he deems appropriate
If the student enters after the end of the exam, the teacher can either give him permission to take the exam on the same day or on another day as he sees fit.
If the student has a visual impairment, he can use the professor to read the questions and options.