Learning Management System

After the student is accepted to study, he is granted an account on the academy’s education management system that enables him to access written, video and audio courses offered by elite professors and trainers around the world.
After enabling the student to enter the education management system, he/she sees the user guide available in a readable form and watches an illustrated video, enabling him to understand how to self-study, scientific development and acquire personal learning skills.

Student Information Management System

Immediately after the student’s registration, the technology and information team at the academy provides an account for the student on the learning management system. After obtaining the account, the student can:

Communicate with the guidance authority directly
Communicate with the Academy’s administration directly
Receive feedback from the mentor and course instructors
View his academic calendar
View the latest events and activities in the Academy in general and the program registered in it in particular
Obtaining a student document electronically (for students)
Obtaining scientific documents after completing the program electronically.