The Institute of Professional Studies operates several internationally accredited study systems to complete the educational process:

Study system for individuals:

The Institute of Professional Studies employs two learning systems in the study system for individuals (the open education system – the virtual education system). Students wishing to register for programmes at any time of the year can join the open education system where the student can start the educational process beyond the limits of place and time, meaning that he can Receiving science while at home or at work by giving him an account on the Academy’s learning management system, which enables him to access the read, audio and video courses. This only requires the availability of a computer or a mobile phone.
As for the virtual education system, it is limited only to specific programmes announced by the Academy at specific times of the year. This system is similar to the open education system, but it differs from it that the student must attend lectures and lessons via video and audio rooms directly with the professor and colleagues, so he can skip the limits of the place only because The time is linked to the lecture attendance programme.

Study system for agents and organizations:

The Institute of Professional Studies provides the opportunity for direct education in the classrooms for students wishing to enroll in the study through agents and organizations previously agreed with the Academy. Agents and organizations can also register their students in the open or virtual education system according to their desire.