Registration on Professional Programmes

Application for registration in a professional programme

Confirm the payment

After applying online and paying the non-refundable registration fee. Students can contact the ISC Student Office and obtain all documents proving the student’s status at ISC.
After you register and pay your tuition fees, the ISC Student Office will assist you in accessing your accounts through which you will receive education on iSC’s interactive online platforms.

Contact the student office now

Contact times with the students office
Monday: from 10:00 AM to 15:00 PM GMT
Tuesday: from 10:00 AM to 15:00 PM GMT

Study Start Date

The study start dates are determined on the programme page.
Study Duration
The duration of study varies depending on the type of programme being applied to.
The duration of the professional doctoral study is 2 years
The duration of the professional master’s study is 1 year
The duration of the in-depth diploma study is 8 months
The duration of the diploma course is 6 months
(All of the above-mentioned programmes allow students to sit for the final exam after completing half of the specified period, after submitting an application to the Deanship of the Institute of Professional Study at ISC that states that the student is ready for the exam and wants to schedule a final exam).
Short courses, advanced courses and deep training courses do not have a specific duration specified on the page of each programme.

Student experience

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