Fees and funding

Study fees

The tuition fee is £75 per credit hour,
• Students are allowed to register a maximum of 24 credit hours each semester and 12 credit hours as a minimum.
• The student pays a one-time enrollment fee of 200 pounds when registering with the ISC
• The student pays 100 sterling pounds per semester as the registration fee for study subjects.
• The iddat hour = four actual hours.

Discounts for our employees and their families

Our employees and their families benefit from a discount of 25% of the tuition fees for any programme they enroll in.

Partial Scholarships

The International Study Center offers partial scholarships of up to 60% in some study programs for students from developing countries, an application for a partial scholarship is submitted through email scholarship@isul.uk The application is then considered, the financial condition of the student is assessed and the scholarship is awarded on this basis .

ISC Scholarship

We offer a full scholarship to study under our programmes at some times of the year, and there is no specific date for the scholarship to be announced. People who follow our newsletter and news via email are the most fortunate to benefit from this scholarship

Study fees payment method

Tuition fees are paid by bank transfer to the ISC account in the bank. After choosing the course and registering for it, the applicant will receive the payment details.

Tuition fee installments possible

The college registration fee, which is paid once during the study, and the course registration fee, which is paid each semester has no possibility of paying it in installments at all.
The possibility of installments is available for credit fees only, where the student can pay the fees in installments without any interest, but he cannot apply for the final exam before he has paid his credit fees in full.