Start studying at ISC

Starting the study process

After the student completes the application process and obtains an active account within our virtual platforms, he will start his studies within our educational environment, and he will have effective communication with course professors and with the Student Affairs Department, and he will also have access to our interactive environment.

Learning management and Information management

After completing the registration process, the student will be granted access to the university’s systems by registering him in the Learning Management System and the Student Information Management System.

  • Through the learning management system, the student will be able to receive lessons, read and audio-visual, and he will also be able to access video meetings and direct lessons with professors if the course requires this, in addition to being able to provide jobs and study and research assignments.
  • Through the student information management system, the student will be able to manage the courses “Add a course – delete a course” and will be able to know the general average and obtain the documents that ISC grants to students, such as the student’s document, transcripts and invoices.

Social interactive environment

The interactive environment is one of the most important components available in the ISC in order to complete the online learning process in an ideal and required manner. Therefore, ICS was keen to provide an interactive environment that is being developed continuously to meet all the students’ social requirements.

  • Forums
    Providing scientific, practical, cultural and social forums within the university’s website, through which the student can ask questions to the public and receive answers to them, as well as view the questions asked before.
  • Online games
    Online games feature to student accounts in the learning management system, where the student can start a game with one or more colleagues through his account on the platform between lectures or in his spare time.Online space
    Providing a space through the university’s server on the Internet for the application of scientific experiments related to the study of the specialization and some other practical and scientific activities.Miscellaneous events
    The possibility of establishing scientific groups and workshops among students that enable them to interact in a specific topic to reach useful results.

    Social Media
    The social communication feature on the learning management system among students, as it adds to their accounts the possibility of friend requests and communication with friends by writing or voice calling. The accounts also include the feature of publishing cases and interacting with them.

    Smart map
    The smart map feature in the students’ accounts that enables them to see colleagues who are in the geographical places close to them, which enables them to meet physically with each other, and enables them to organize recreational trips with each other.