Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The study of law is one of the important studies that all societies need, given that societies, in their construction, structure and stability, need a judge, lawyer, prosecutor, director, and many other important places that need a legal student of law.
This college is a distinguished educational and research institution that aims to prepare distinguished legal graduates in the field of legal studies and qualified to be distinguished cadres in the field of justice, law, legal departments, companies and banks, whether in government or private sectors.
Vision :
Raising the academic scientific level of law students at the level of politics, economy and society by raising the legislative level, starting with the study of the constitution and political systems, in addition to legislation and general laws in the field of administration, international relations, public and private international law and financial sciences, in addition to special legislation and laws such as civil law, commercial law and due process. In addition to the principles of implementation, social legislation, civil and penal assets, criminal sciences and everything related to law and its sciences according to the methodology of scientific research in order to qualify those working in the field of law and to find centers for arbitration and dispute resolution and advisory centers to reach the legislative elites that cover societies with complete distinction to the idea of ​​justice that stems from the idea of ​​right and duty

Key features of the course

  • Developing the sciences, mental and practical abilities that are important to students to enter the field of law in the business sectors or graduate studies and scientific research.
  • Effective practice as a specialist in law and justice.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, as members or as leaders in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Encouraging undergraduate students to continue with higher studies, to provide the community with highly qualified and competent cadres.
  • Encouraging students to pursue scientific research according to the scientific research methodology.

Course Summary

Degree !

Also known as an undergraduate or bachelors degree.
Internationally Accredited, universally understood.
An essential requirement for many high-level jobs.
Gain a thorough understanding of your subject – and the tools to investigate, think critically, form reasoned arguments, solve problems and communicate effectively in new contexts.
Progress to higher level study, such as a postgraduate diploma or masters degree.

Credits: 360

Workload required for the successful completion of a module or qualification.
One credit represents about 10 hours of study over the duration of the course.
You are awarded credits after you have successfully completed a module.
For example, if you study a 60-credit module and successfully pass it, you will be awarded 60 credits.

Course code: is1c01

How long it takes

  • Part time – 6 years

  • Full time – 3 years

Study method: Distance learning